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Helping baby Shivanya through free NICU during Floods

28 Aug 2019
In recent disaster in Sangli, he offered free stay, food and NICU treatment to babies and nursing mothers for the period.
Proud of Dr. Amit Tagare, who has done a huge work to help and treat affected babies in Flood Relief Activities through his hospital, Aditya Rainbow Multispeciality Children Hospital at Sangli, after recent River Flood Disaster in SouthWest Maharashtra .
A very sensitive and responsible person always meticulous in his profession and social work . Always been an outstanding student and sincere person with his sincerity and hard work. Dr Amit Tagare  became first Neonatalogist in our region.
Inspite of alluring career offers in Australia, he shifted to India and has acheived great success and respect in his profession here.
Since then he never left any opportunity to help his people here through his profession and also as Rotarian. Always refrains from social media and publicity in all .

But good work gets noticed always and this is how one of his noble work is gratefully mentioned here.....
Recently his good friend and a team member, Dr. Mahesh Sale, shared a great news with all of us about helping baby Shivanya through free NICU treatment by Dr. Amit.....And it's acknowledged in newspaper in Mumbai.
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