1.Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT):
  • NDT is a problem-solving assessment and treatment approach for children with neurological impairments ar a delay in their motor skills.
  • Low or high muscle tone, as well as poor strength, may cause dysfunction in postural control and movement.
  • This leads to a limitation in functions in motor skills.
  • Our therapists¬†are trained in NDT therapeutic handling, assessment, observation¬†and movement analysis.
  • With this information, a treatment program can be developed.
  • Children with CP, brain injury or deveopment delay may benefit from this form of treatment.
2. Exercises (Medek Treatment):
  • It consist of a series of very specific exercies designed to strongly provoke the child's automatic righting responses , part of the postural motor control mechanism.
  • In this way, the child learns to work against the influence of gravity thought to be the driving force behind sucessful movement.
  • As movement responses to the exercise improve, the child develops better skills such as head and trunk control , standing and walking.
  • Children with gross motor delay may benefitfrom this type of therapy
3.Core Restoration :
  • Core strenghening is addresses by ensuring optimal postural alignment in all positions and creatiry strength and awareness of the muscle activation needed to achieve and maintain the alignment.
  • In infants , this is developed gradually through handling techniques, specific exercise and seating supports.
  • In older children and tears the use of breathinf exo activates the diaphragm and teamwork of muscles that maintain allgnment.
  • This can help improve postural stability and mobility during functional movement
4.Electrical muscle stimulation:
In this type of therapy we use electrical surrent to stimulate nerve endings.
In following condition we can use EMS :

1. Erb's palsy
2. Belb palsy
3. Drist Drop
4. Foot Drop etc.

5.Chest Physiotherapy:
  • Infants who suffer from brathing problems, as well as asthma , cystic fibrosis, chest physiotherapy is the best option to minimize secretion
  • Our physio use different types of techniquesto reduce asthma, clear chest etc
6.Palatile Physiotherapy:
  • Infants who is having sucking problems, physiotherapy is te solution.
  • polatile physiotherapy helps infants ti improve their sucking reflexes.
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