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महानगरपालिका राबविणार माती वाचवा मोहीम | Dr. Amit Tagare
Neonatologist in Sangli , Dr. Amit Tagare would like to share a proud moment माझी वसुंधरा व स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण अभियानांतर्गत सांगली मिरज आणि कुपवाड शहर महानगरपालिका क्षेत्रात आयुक्त नितीन कापडणीस यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली  सेव्ह सॉईल (माती वाचावा) मोहिमेच्या चर्चासत्राचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. माती वाचावा मोहिमेचे उद्घाटन save soil चा बॅच लावून करण्यात आले. माती वाचविणे हि आताच्या घडीला खूप गरज आहे. माती कशी वाचवता येईल, कशी टिकवता येईल तसेच त्या मातीचे घटक कसे वाढवता येतील याची संकल्पना डॉ अमित तगारे आणि  डॉ मुग्धा तगारे यांनी प्रेझेन्टेशनच्या माध्यमातून दाखविले. माती वाचविण्यासाठी भरपूर प्रमाणात झाडे लावली गेली पाहिजेत यामुळे मनपा क्षेत्रात तसेच इतर मोकळे प्लॉट असतील तिथे झाडे लावण्यात यावीत असे यावेळी नागरिकांना अवाहन  करण्यात आले. पर्यावरणातील बदलामुळे मातीचा कस आणि त्यातील घटक कमी होत चालले आहेत आणि हे टिकविण्यासाठी माती वाचवा मोहिमेत शाळा, महाविद्यालयाचे विद्यार्थी, NGO, सामाजिक संस्था, पर्यावरणप्रेमी नागरिक यांचा  सहभाग घेतला जाणार असून महापालिका क्षेत्रात माती वाचवा चळवळ आणि वृक्ष लागवडीवर अधिक भर देणार असल्याचेही आयुक्त कापडणीस यांनी सांगितले.  Consult Our Expert! Call Now
Save Soil Rally is welcomed in Sangli | Dr. Amit Tagare|ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL|Sangli Miraj Road,Sangli
Save Soil rally welcomed in Sangli | Dr. Amit Tagare
Isha Foundation has started a bike rally from Pune to Goa. On Saturday, the 'Save Soil' rally was welcomed in Sangli. Students and volunteers tried to spread awareness by using songs and dance as a way to spread the message of saving the soil. Commissioner Nitin Kapadnis took part in the rally with his wife.Dr. Mugdha Tagare - Pathologist in Sangli and Dr. Amit Tagare Neonatologist in Sangli are chosen as brand ambassadors by Sangli Municipal Corporation and they were awarded by Mr. Nitin Kapadnis. Medical Officer Dr. Ravindra Tate was present at the moment. You can read previous news from Dr. Amit And Mugdha Tagare by clicking on the links below:महानगरपालिका राबविणार माती वाचवा मोहीम | Dr. Amit TagareChapter on Multiple Gestation published in Clinical Neonatology text book | Dr. Amit Tagare Consult Our Expert! Call Now
Chapter on Multiple Gestation published in Clinical Neonatology text book | Dr. Amit Tagare
Neonatologist in Sangli , Dr. Amit Tagare would like to share a proud moment. Dr Amit‘s Chapter on multiple gestation published in clinical neonatology text book. Consult Our Expert! Call Now
Aditya Newborn Care Unit - Lactation Diary 19.05.2022 | Dr. Shaarduli Terwaadkar
Lactation Professional from Sangli, Dr. Shaarduli Terwaadkar sharing an experiance of newborn baby's treatment. No wonder it's said that it takes a village to raise a child. As children are future and assets of every community, a tiny baby brings together a whole family and a community too. I had a wonderful experience at our hospital. A family from a village, admitted their 6 days old baby in our hospital being Preterm baby with complaints of apnea and sepsis, while mother stayed back home due to incapability of traveling long previous hospital, baby was RT fed with formula and no breastfeeding was given as the mother was not having enough flow. As lactation Professional, I took detailed history from Resident Doctor. When I called the mother for counseling, came to know that they can't afford to get a room so left mother at native place. I discussed with the father and requested him to have mother in premises and she must remain in vicinity. As he openly showed his inability to get a room, we suggested to make some arrangements at relatives' place nearby. Luckily they had a relative in nearby town and they arranged for her stay there. After 2 days of pursuation, finally I met mother and found out that she was weak and as staying at some stranger's place, was not getting enough food. It was heartbreaking to see her crying. Also she used to travel to and fro for feeding and again maon purpose wasn't served. Hardly 5 ml breastmilk was available for baby. As lactation policy of our hospital, I gave counseling to the whole family again and trained her for massage, press and express technique alongwith diet and rest counseling.  Mother was encouraged to express milk as much as possible and that feed was introduced topped up with formula feed to compensate the deficit. Yesterday when I visited NICU again, sister told me that baby is not getting enough milk as mother is not having enough flow. That was really disturbing and called the father. He said that just because of my request, he brought her at a relative's place in nearby town and as she stays in their distant relative's place, she has not courage to ask for food. I was disappointed to hear this. I requested him to look after this matter seriously or else the baby will take many more days to recover adding to the expenses now and also in future due to low immunity. Anyways he didn't bother about weakness and diet issue of his wife in previous consultation, I pushed this button and it worked. He agreed to provide food from a mess nearby. While I was discussing the matter with the father, two men stepped up to listen to the conversation. I was not happy at that moment to have this interference in a serious conversation, but they politely introduced themselves and the father also seemed okay with their presence. One of the fathers of other patient said that he had been observing this family struggling and to hear to the concern in my voice, he dared to interfere and offer some help. It was a pleasant surprise to me to have this friendly gesture by these kind people. The other one not only took permission from me to help actively, but also when I came to hospital today, he showed me a box of Shatavari Kalpa and took guidance about the dosage and preparation method. Now I was assured that atleast that mother will get 2 glasses of milk with Shatavari Kalpa.  We decided not to insist on rooming in anymore as they were reluctant to spend money. We suggested to bring in mother and she will rest in feeding room for whole day and will give expressed milk for night before leaving.  But flow was not enough due to emotional stresses and obvious less intake by mother. So finally the father decided to get a room for feeding. When I was giving counseling again, she seemed to be stressed due to excessive financial burden due to this baby. She said that she raised 3 daughters who are ok and now finally I have a son but he is so weak. I advised her to stay calm and focused. Taught her few breathing techniques, massage, fomentation with hot water bottle and thorough hand pumping with advice for 10 pumpings with 2 hrs interval. Also gave her customized diet and relaxation guidance to improve nourishment. In the evening round, i found out that her family was feasting on restaurant takeaway and she was having a little rice and dal. I had a little chat with all of them in light mood and requested to give her a proper meal. But she said that she can't tolerate spicy food now and don't know where to find a healthy mild food. I was surprised to see that her whole family was not taking any effort to provide her special food and that would have been cheaper than their restaurant feasts. But as a counselor, we must know about our limits too. I suggested few names of few local tiffin suppliers who provide good food at affordable prices.  In the afternoon, before I was leaving, thought of dropping in the rooms and found out that mother is feeding the baby with formula. I was surprised and asked her about her flow.  She said that now flow is improving but she was convinced by her family that she is too weak to provide a healthy feed to her baby as she was multipara and currently undernourished. So she should feed the "Healthy" formula.  I was stunned to know about it. Somehow I had a light chat with the whole family and once again tried to convince them about goodness of breastmilk and it's dire need in that situation. Also told them why and how Dr. Tagare is promoting Breastfeeding and Early Discharge. Also how it's going to reduce their further formula expenses, hazards of formula dilution and probable episodes of health problems in baby due to low nutrition and immunity.  That seemed to show a little impression.  Within two days, the baby got discharged.  We congratulated the family and appreciated the two supportive families who helped them in that tough time. It's always a great emotional and grateful moment to see the bonding created by those little ones in our staff and also in other families in IPD. Last week I received a call from the father expressing his gratitude for us. He was calling me to their village to help the other women in community who have problems in breastfeeding. Jokingly he said that my wife says that she is missing Madam's smile and her voice. I was touched by this great gesture of appreciation. Sometimes we can't help the families as much as we want due to various situations and certain professional limitations. But it's great boost for confidence and humanity, I must say, to have such incidences in life. He was very much grateful to Dr.Tagare for his genuine efforts and also for giving concessions on the charges after considering their plea about their financial problems.  And lastly, he told me, " Tai (Elder Sister), you were very calm, soothing and friendly to us. We have developed a bond with you. We remember you every day." He was laughing while telling that they were surprised to see that his weak wife was also able to provide breastmilk and they used to joke around that she can produce that much feed when she hears me coming for round. Jokes apart, I have realised that lactation consultant needs a thorough knowledge but most importantly, a lots of understanding of the background of patients, love, patience and perseverance. Previously as an Ayurvedic Consultant and Lifestyle Consultant, I had been giving counseling to my female patients coming for treatment of hormonal imbalance,  infertility, Garbhasanskar and Postnatal Care. I also had experience of working for Women's Health, especially Menstrual Health Management in South Africa and India. But I have realised that having exclusive focus and guidance about breastfeeding encompasses the comprehensive support on holistic health of a family. Thanks Dr. Amit.... for giving me this opportunity and inspiration for pursuing my interest.  Thanks Dana....for your cheerful and motivating approach towards wholesome training in Mother and Child Nutrition and  specifically. It's really commendable job done by making such a well-designed and illustrative course that made me clinically empowered in the field of lactation.  It seems to be a great journey ahead !!!   Dr. Shaarduli Terwaadkar Lactation Professional Aditya Newborn Care Unit, Sangli Consult Our Expert! 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Conscious Planet - Save Soil | Dr. Amit Tagare | Dr. Mugdha Tagare
Rotary Club of Vishrambag organizes a offine meeting for all to discuss about environmental issues. In which Dr. Mugdha Tagare - Pathologist in Sangli and Dr. Amit Tagare in Neonatologist in Sangli will also actively participate and share their perspective.
Dr. Amit Tagare was invited as faculty at KAPCON
Dr. Amit Tagare was invited as faculty at KAPCON on 26th September 2021 at Kolhapur. He was part of panel discussion. Various erudite doctors were also invited to the conference where they shared their expertise and experience with each other to provide the best patient care and services.  
Dr. Amit Tagare Invited As Faculty At West Zone Neocon at Nagpur|ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL|Sangli Miraj Road,Sangli
Dr. Amit Tagare Invited As Faculty At West Zone Neocon at Nagpur
Dr. Amit Tagare was invited as faculty at West Zone Neocon at Nagpur on 22nd - 24th October 2021. He was part of panel discussion.Various erudite doctors were also invited to the conference where they shared their expertise and experience with each other to provide the best patient care and services.   
Dr. Amit Tagare Invited At National Conference NEOCON 2021, Banglore|ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL|Sangli Miraj Road,Sangli
Dr. Amit Tagare Invited At National Conference NEOCON 2021, Banglore
Dr. Amit Tagare who is amongst the renowned neonatologist was recently invited at National conference NEOCON 2021 at Banglore.Various erudite doctors were also invited to the conference where they shared their expertise and experience with each other to provide the best patient care and services. Dr. Amit Tagare delivered a lecture on Extrauterine Growth Retardation in NEOCON 2021 conference at Banglore.
New born and Covid 19 - Dr Amit Tagare
Stay tuned to 90.8 FM25 May सकाळी 7.30, दुपारी 2, आणि सायं 7 वाजता नवजात शिशु आणि कोविड 19 या विषयावर बोलण्यासाठी आपल्यासोबत असतील Dr Amit Tagare (Neonatologist Sangli) जरूर ऐका हा विशेष कार्यक्रम धनश्री सोबत! 90.8 FM Radio Sugar Zindagee sweet ho jaye Download the app now!
3rd Anniversary Celebration- Aditya Rainbow Hospital|ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL|Sangli Miraj Road,Sangli
3rd Anniversary Celebration- Aditya Rainbow Hospital
We are glad to announce that Aditya Rainbow Childrens Hospital has turned 3!!! It has been a wonderful journey with  commitment to provide the best care and services to our patients.  We are extremely grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey and showered us with the trust and love. Heartfelt thanks to our patients, staff and family members for their support.    Aditya Rainbow Hospital is sincerely dedicated for serving the patients.
AdityaRainbow hospital is running full fledged with all safety precautions.
Doctors are wearing safety kits, social distancing maintained. Each patient enters the hospital with a compulsory mask & applying hand sanitizer.We have provided residence & food & all safety kits to the nursing staff.We are doing our best to provide services:For sick patients, we’re providing an ambulance for admission and after discharge drop to their place. We’re helping relatives to get food.We are trying our best for Safe OPD practice:1. The social distancing of patients while sitting & waiting for counters 2. Use of masks by staff & patient, relatives 3. Hand sanitizers at the counter 4. Cleaning of waiting area & counters every 3 hours
Dr Amit Tagare|ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL|Sangli Miraj Road,Sangli
MahaPedicon 2019 - Dr Amit Tagare
Dr. Amit Tagare Neonatologist sangli was invited as a faculty MahaPedicon 2019 (30th Annual conference of IAP Maharashtra State) at Amaravati. He conducted a workshop on ‘Critical care in NICU’ & Panellist for discussion on ‘Respiratory issues in NICU’.
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