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Welcome to official website of ADITYA RAINBOW HOSPITAL. We Have ADITYA New Born Care Unit, RAINBOW Superspeciality Childerns Hospital, OASIS Infant and Child Development Center and Galaxy Diagnostic Center. We specialize in providing quality services in Pediatrics, Neonatology, Neurology and Pediatric Pathology in Sangli.

Our team of experts and supportive staff believes in providing care which is personalized to each patient's unique needs.Our docrors team comprises of best and highly skilled, experienced and specialist  like Dr. Amit Tagare, Dr. Mahesh Sale, Dr. Swapnil Mirajkar and Dr. Mugdha Tagare who strive to offer best & consistent patient care services.

Our Expertise
  • Neonatology
  • Pediatric Epilepsy & Neurology
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Cardiologist
  • Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Developmental Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Genetics,and Pediatric Superspecialities.

    Aditya Rainbow has a complete backup for laboratory, genetic and metabolic screening facility when needed. The state of art level three largest and most advanced 25 bed NICU in Sangli District. To offer all development followup facility under one roof, we have developed OASIS Infant and Child Development and Neurology center. Dr Amit Tagare is trained for followup of high risk NICU Babies, Dr Mahesh Sale is Trained Pediatric Epileptologist and Neurologist. We have team of Occupational therapist,Physiotherapist,Audiologists,Psycologist and Dietitician with Us. This is complete FOLLOWUP CLINIC.
    Explore our site to know more about our facilities, get reliable health information & connect with us instantly. You can ask us health questions or consult with us remotely & securely. We look forward to meet, inform and serve you dedicatedly in your health & well-being needs.
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Dr. Amit Tagare|Pediatrics and Neonatology|Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli

Dr. Amit Tagare


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Pediatrics and Neonatology

MBBS, DCH, MD (Pediatrics), DNB(Pediatrics), DNB(Neonatology)
Fellowship in Neonatology
English, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Mahesh Sale|Pediatrics and Neurology|Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli

Dr. Mahesh Sale

Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

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Pediatrics and Neurology

Ped Epilepsy & Neurology, Medical genetics and Pediatric Epilepsy and Neurology
English, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Swapnil Mirajkar|Pediatrics|Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli

Dr. Swapnil Mirajkar

Consultant Pediatrician

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Practicing Since
English, Hindi, Marathi


Practicing Since
English, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Bhushan Miraje|Pediatrics|Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli

Dr. Bhushan Miraje

Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist and Nutrionist

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Fellowship in pediatric gastroenterogy hepatolgy and nutrition
English, Hindi, Marathi

Treatments & Procedures

We diagnose various ailments and diseases and offer specialized treatments or perform procedures to help you tackle your condition better or recover faster.

Send us enquiry to know more about any specific treatment or procedure that you are looking for. Some of the procedures routinely done at our clinic are listed below.

Speech Therapy


Audiological evaluation

Administration of psychologic test

Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Pediatric Endocrinology

Pediatric Gastroentrology

Developmental Pediatrics

Pediatric Intensive Care

pediatric cardiology

Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Epilepsy & Neurology



My son was admitted in another hospital. I was not satisfied with treatment he got in another hospital. one person told me that Dr. Tagare is good doctor. Then, we visited Dr. Amit Tagare. We got good treatment from him. All staff also helped us. Hospital is very good. I am thankful to them



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Health Information

Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT)

Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT)

1.Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT):

  • NDT is a problem-solving assessment and treatment approach for children with neurological impairments ar a delay in their motor skills.
  • Low or high muscle tone, as well as poor strength, may cause dysfunction in postural control and movement.
  • This leads to a limitation in functions in motor skills.
  • Our therapists are trained in NDT therapeutic handling, assessment, observation and movement analysis.
  • With this information, a treatment program can be developed.
  • Children with CP, brain injury or deveopment delay may benefit from this form of treatment.
2. Exercises (Medek Treatment):
  • It consist of a series of very specific exercies designed to strongly provoke the child's automatic righting responses , part of the postural motor control mechanism.
  • In this way, the child learns to work against the influence of gravity thought to be the driving force behind sucessful movement.
  • As movement responses to the exercise improve, the child develops better skills such as head and trunk control , standing and walking.
  • Children with gross motor delay may benefitfrom this type of therapy
3.Core Restoration :
  • Core strenghening is addresses by ensuring optimal postural alignment in all positions and creatiry strength and awareness of the muscle activation needed to achieve and maintain the alignment.
  • In infants , this is developed gradually through handling techniques, specific exercise and seating supports.
  • In older children and tears the use of breathinf exo activates the diaphragm and teamwork of muscles that maintain allgnment.
  • This can help improve postural stability and mobility during functional movement
4.Electrical muscle stimulation:
In this type of therapy we use electrical surrent to stimulate nerve endings.
In following condition we can use EMS :

1. Erb's palsy
2. Belb palsy
3. Drist Drop
4. Foot Drop etc.

5.Chest Physiotherapy:
  • Infants who suffer from brathing problems, as well as asthma , cystic fibrosis, chest physiotherapy is the best option to minimize secretion
  • Our physio use different types of techniquesto reduce asthma, clear chest etc
6.Palatile Physiotherapy:
  • Infants who is having sucking problems, physiotherapy is te solution.
  • polatile physiotherapy helps infants ti improve their sucking reflexes.

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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy

  • It works with people of varying ages from premature babies to adolescents to ensure optimal physical function and development.
  • The aim is to provide a program that the patient will enjoy while encouraging them to participate and become independent.
  • physio also aim to minimise the effects of physical impairment to promote optimum function and musculoskeletal development.
  • Advice on activities and stretches offered by the physic can assist in maintains a full range of movement and prevention of contracture.
Paediatric physio assesses and treats infants and children range from following consideration:
  1. Cerebral palsy:- from mild hemiplegia to severe quadriplegia.
  2. Developmental delay:- due to hypotonic with or without diagnosis and may be gross motor or global.
  3. Down's and west syndromes
  4. Other genetic conditions
  5. Muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy.
  6. Brachial plexopathy
  7. Premature babies with dystonic.
  8. Postual problem :- torticollis, scolliosis, CTEV
  9. Respiratcy problem :- cystic fibrosis, pnumonia, asthma.
  10. Minimal cerebral dysfunction
  • The role of the pediatric physio is to assess the referred child and give parents and carers advice regarding handling, positioning, and treatment through exercise or play.
  • Physio works closely with families, carers, teachers, doctors and other health professionals.
  • The approach is holistic & practical with an emphasis on gross motor function & posture.
  • For better outcomes and most effective treatment results, early referral is the key i.e. before 8 months.
  • A range of treatment methods may be used such as neurodevelopmental therapy, motor learning, and hydrotherapy.
  • Physiotherapist help to maintain & develop functional skill level and range of movement in order to minimize joint contractors and postural deformities.
  • They also prescribe and monitor the use of aids such as orthotics, walking aids and wheelchairs to help maintain independence.
Treatment Approaches:
  • Each child is unique and presents with his or her own challenge and treatment.
  • Part of the assessment process is determining what type of treatment is best suited to your child's needs.
  • As pediatrics physio, we believe that itis important to have varied techniques and approaches to meet those needs.
Below are some examples of treatment approaches done :
  • Pediatric therapists
  • sometimes combinations of techniques may be the best way to help your child.

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Practice Locations


Near District Co-op. Bank , Pushkraj (Karmaveer) Chowk, Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli- 416416,Maharashtra, India


Mon - Sat : 11:00am to 3:00pm , 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Near District Co-op. Bank , Pushkraj (Karmaveer) Chowk, Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli - 416416, Maharashtra, India
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